Canton of Saint Georges


Officers of the Canton of St. Georges


Baron Takeda Yoshinaka


Seneschal -- Group administrator, and legal representative of the SCA found at local, regional, kingdom, and Society levels.

Canton Herald



Herald - In charge of heraldic activities, such as the creation and registration of names and arms.


Mistress Collwen ferch Dafydd Caerllion

Modern: Denise Gilliam

Exchequer  -  Handles the financial matters of the group

Knights Marshall




Knight Marshal - The combat supervisor, the knight marshal administrates combat activities for the group. A local group is required to have one in order to host combat activities



Lady  Dearbhail O'Haloran


Email: parido37 at


Chatelaine -  In charge of welcoming and facilitating new participants into the SCA including recruiting, onboarding, and transitioning members from other branches.

Arts & Sciences

Lord Olaf Stammkopf


email: stevegilliam at


A&S Minister- In charge of planning canton activities involving A&S.


Lord Antonio Felluci

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